TRUEinsight™ Guides

We understand that diabetes can be challenging to manage. The list below contains an array of useful materials to help you manage diabetes, understand high and low blood glucose test results, better track and understand daily results and more.

Understanding Diabetes

The TRUE Guide to Diabetes Care:

Important Questions and Informative Answers for People With Diabetes

Diabetes and Emotions:

Understanding and Coping With the Emotional Aspects of Diabetes

Healthy Eating and Diabetes:

Making the Right Choices

Physical Activity

Physical Activity and Diabetes:

Improve Your Health, Enhance Your Life


Medications and Diabetes:

Understanding Insulin Therapy

Medications and Diabetes:

Understanding the Importance of Oral Medications

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Blood Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes
High and Low Blood Glucose Levels
Achieving Accurate Results:

For Successful Blood Glucose Monitoring

Tools to Track Your Glucose Results

Take Charge of Your Life with QuickChek
QuickChek™ Record Book


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Visit our Diabetes Resources to find helpful information about diabetes management.